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Reduce Electricity of Commercial/Residential Lifts with These Tips

In a commercial building, it is said that an elevator or lift consume only 5-7 percent of the total electricity, but this too can be saved by a number of steps. The best thing about these steps is they work equally on commercial as well as residential elevators and lifts for houses and some important points have been mentioned here.

Hardware Improvements With several small and major improvements of the overall mechanism or the hardware, you can make sure that commercial, as well as residential lifts, can be made to consume less electricity.The biggest step you could take is replacing the old school hydraulic lift with a traction elevator that travels up and down on a steel rope.With traction lifts, you will not require a dedicated machine room because the entire mechanism or machine is kept on the top of the cabin.This way, you actually get a more usable space, less heat and consumes less energy.
Other Hardware Improvements you could make include –  Motors – Replacing old obsolete DC m…

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