Etiquettes to Follow in Commercial and Residential Lifts

No matter, it’s an office lift or residential lifts, if you are using it, this means that you’ll definitely have to be aware of some common etiquettes that you need to follow. In this post, we have chosen this topic because not many people are aware of the fact that there are lift etiquettes as well that can make them hugely popular in their building.

Remember where to stand

  • While waiting for the lift to arrive, the best step is to stand on the right side of the entry/exit point.
  • This will give enough space to exit to those coming via lift and evacuating on the same floor.
  • Other than this, you should allow everyone who are getting off, a chance to exit before you board the elevator.
  • Similarly, while inside the hydraulic lift, make sure that you continue stepping backwards and stand as close as possible to the wall.
  • In this regards, experts say that the first places to be filled are the four corners and then, people should fill in the middle of the elevator.
  • If you are going to a higher floor, try to stand near the back of the elevator so other people who are getting off before you can exit easily.
  • Suppliers of different kinds of lifts for houses say that if you are standing near the buttons, help out your fellow passengers.
  • Hold the “door open” button until everyone has boarded.
  • You should even play the role of a lift boy and ask people, which floors they are going to as they enter.

Managing the luggage 

  • Suppliers of hydraulic lift carts say that in case, you have a large bag or package with you, try and adjust in between your legs.
  • This way, it will not occupy the space of at least two persons in that elevator.
  • Stay as polite as possible to your fellow passengers and use words like “Please” and “Thank You” to everyone.


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